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French Programs

The French programs offered at Near North District schools are designed specifically for children whose first language is not French. Monthly newsletters, Board information, other communication and parent-teacher interviews are communicated in English.

There are three French programs offered to students: the French Imm​ersion program, the Extended F​rench program and the Core French program. Students of French Immersion and Extended French and Core French programs have options to continue in their French programs at the secondary level. For information on how to register your child for a Near North French Immersion or Extended French program, please refer to our registration page.

Entry into the French Immersion program can begin as early as Junior or Senior Kindergarten. The Junior Kindergarten program is offered all day, on alternate days. The Senior Kindergarten program is offered all day, every day. In Grades 1 and 2, instruction is in French with the exception of 1/2 hour per day devoted to English literacy activities. French Immersion is a program where students receive all or most of their instruction in French from a teacher who speaks French and English fluently. The aim of the program is to develop functionally bilingual persons.

Entry into the Extended French program commences in Grade 5. In this program, 50 - 80% of instruction is in French until Grade 8.

Core French
is available to all other students who are not in the Early French Immersion or Extended French programs.

Schools offering Extended French and French Immersion

​ ​​​​


 Elementary Schools


 Secondary Schools

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