Community Use of Facilities
General Rules and Regulations
  1. In all after-hours use of school facilities, the Authorized User shall ensure that the facilities are maintained in total readiness for the day-school students.
  2. The signing officer shall be at least 21 years old.  Adequate supervision (in the opinion of the Principal) by person(s) at least 21 years old shall be provided by the Authorized User.
  3. Groups or organizations using the school facilities shall use only those areas which have been approved for the group’s purpose.  No other area of the school shall be used by the group.  FAILURE TO COMPLY SHALL RESULT IN CANCELLATION.
  4. Authorized Users shall not be permitted to alter, modify, or interfere with electrical or mechanical equipment.
  5. Only non-marking footwear and equipment will be allowed for gymnasium use.
  6. The Principal may prohibit an activity for safety reasons or because of expected high ‘wear and tear’.
  7. Parking shall be restricted to designated area and limited to authorized users of school facilities.  Parking shall not be permitted on driveways, fire routes or lawns.  Where parking is permitted, the authorized user shall supervise parking.  All parking shall be at the risk of the vehicle owner.
  8. SMOKING shall be prohibited on all Board property.
  9. All permit holders shall carry comprehensive general public liability insurance against claims for personal injury, death, and property damage or loss for an amount not less than $5 million per occurrence, with no annual or aggregate limit. The insurance policy must cover the activities of the Authorized User and the activities of any other person for whom this party is responsible.  The Near North District School Board must be named as an additional insured on the policy.  An insurance certificate proving compliance with this requirement shall be provided before the permit application is approved.  Where there is ongoing continuous use, the insurance will contain a clause that it will not be cancelled without the Board first having received not less than 30 days written notice of such a cancellation or change.
  10. The authorized user shall be responsible to the Board for all damage to the building and equipment.  Any damage to the building and/or its equipment shall be repaired or replaced at the Authorized Users’ expense.  Facilities used by the Authorized User shall be examined after use and the Authorized User shall agree to make good any loss or damage.
  11. The Board shall not be responsible for personal injury or damage, nor the loss or theft of clothing and equipment for anyone attending on the invitation of the Authorized User.
  12. The use of school premises or facilities shall be restricted to those agreed upon.
  13. It shall be the responsibility of the rental group to coordinate access of arrivals.  Specifically, doors may not be propped open with any materials (rocks, pieces of wood, chairs, etc.) at any time during the rental period.  The authorized user shall be responsible for all rental participants and must ensure that the school grounds are vacated by the time specified on the contract.
  14. Outdoor facilities may be available for rental from May 15 to October 31.
  15. It shall be the responsibility of the Authorized User to make sure that all persons admitted to the function have vacated the school buildings and grounds promptly by the time specified on the permit.  FAILURE TO LEAVE BY THE APPOINTED TIME MAY RESULT IN ADDITIONAL CHARGES.
  16. Advertising not authorized by the Principal shall not be permitted on school property.
  17. No storage space shall be granted to outside organizations, unless expressly agreed to by the Principal.
  19. Groups shall be restricted to hours and frequency of use as specified on the contract.
  20. The Board shall reserve the right to remove any permit user.  Permits are not transferable.
  21. No equipment will be provided for the user group without prior written consent from the Principal.
  22. The conduct of players should be such that there is no offense to the general public.
  23. The Fire Emergency Procedures will be provided to each authorized user (see Schedule F).
  24. Consumption of alcohol or gambling in any form shall not be permitted on school premises.
  25. Animals shall not be permitted on school property, without written consent, in advance, by the Principal.
  26. Fire Prevention:
    • Before each performance it will be the responsibility of the Authorized User and Board Representative to raise and lower the safety chain.  When the stage is not in use, the safety curtain must be in a lowered position.
    • All scenery, special effects, props, etc. must meet fire code safety standards.
    • The use of pyrotechnics is not allowed on board property, except by special arrangement.
    • The seating capacity in the auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria must not exceed the Fire Department’s limit.
  27. The Authorized User will be expected to have an appropriate plan to deal with medical emergencies and /or medical conditions while on board premises.
  28. Folding partition doors in gymnasiums and auditoriums will not be operated by anyone other than board personnel.
  29. The Principal at his/her discretion can refuse, without prejudice, any User Group and/or activity.