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Raider Athletics...

Raider Athletics has a long-standing history of excellence in competitive and recreational sport. Today our secondary programs are run by Dez Forget while Greg Richardson works closely with his secondary counterparts to provide some of the best athletics programming for intermediate students in the region. Colleen Egan works with Dez in the secondary program and has been instrumental in bringing the Sports High Skills Major to Chippewa.

There are many volunteer coaches working with our Raider athletes. We are a small school that competes in a big way. We are able to field teams in most of the traditional sports offered at the intermediate and secondary levels and routinely achieve outstanding levels of success both with our Raider teams and individual performances.

If you would like further information regarding any of the other competitive sports offered at Chippewa, please contact:

Dez Forget

Secondary Athletics Coordinator

Greg Richardson

Intermediate Athletics Coordinator​