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ExcelleRAIDERS in the News

ExcelleRAIDERS Top Waterloo Math Contest for 3rd Year!

Mathletes at Chippewa struck gold again this year topping Zone 63 in the University of Waterloo math contest in Grades 9, 10 and 11 for team scores. In addition, several students made the honour roll:
Grade 9: Nick Carr, Thomas Plamondon, Alex Aultmann, Gifford Smith and Albena Vassileva
Grade 10: Mya Cousineau, Drake Dietrich, Derek Jones and Tracy Wang
Grade 11: Will Fraser 
The students who wrote the test are enrolled in the ExcelleRAIDER or the International Baccalaureate program that has a greater depth and breadth than the regular program. Students also practice solving 'contest-style' problems and take the test annually. This is the third year that Chippewa students have had the highest scores in the city for Grades 9 and 10 and the first year it has swept all three grades. The grade 9 team score was 29 points higher than the nearest North Bay school; the grade 10 team score was 60 points higher; the grade 11 was 11 points higher.

The annual contest sees more than 75,000 students across Canada work to earn top scores and test their skills with others and develop a competitive passion for problem solving. The school also earned top honours for the Northern Distirct which runs from Barrie up to Timmins and west to the Manitoba border for Grades 9 and 10 and edged the Sudbury district as well for Grade 11.

Results for Zone 63 includes North Bay city schools and includes areas north and east including Timiskaming, New Liskeard, Iroquois Falls and Cochrane. The score is an aggregate of the top 3 scores for a school. 

Grade 8 Information Night 

Learn more about our pre-IB enriched ExcelleRAIDER program for grades 9 and 10 at our information session on Wednesday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m. Missed it? Please contact the school 705-475-2341 x 8512 for further details.

Grade 10 Information Night

Learn more about the options and benefits available for ExcelleRAIDER students for Grade 11 and 12 including the full and partial diploma on Wednesday, February 15 at 6:30 p.m.

Does the IB Diploma prepare students for university? A view from the flip side: Top university admission director talks IB

Andrew Arida, associate registrar and director of student recruitment and undergraduate admissions at the University of British Columbia discusses the value of the IB in the university admissions process. View the powerpoint: IB Students & First Year Performance​​UBC admissions and the benefits of the IBDP.pdfUBC admissions and the benefits of the IBDP.pdf 

What is IB?

IB is a globally recognized, academically challenging and balanced program for university-bound grade 11 & 12 students. It has earned the respect and recognition from the world's leading universities and is the fastest growing enrichment program worldwide. A combination of internal assessments, marked by the  classroom teacher and external exams, marked internationally, are used to develop the final mark. 

The depth of the IB extends beyond the regular curriculum and actively promotes critical thinking, independence and social awareness. The program has gained recognition and respect from the world's leading universities and can lead to advanced standing​ or credit. 

IB originated in 1969 in Europe as an effort by international schools to assure quality educational standards for students, regardless of where they lived. Since that time, it has become the world leader in preparing students to be globally minded, principled leaders with a commitment to service, academic integrity and excellence. 

What are the benefits?

IB graduates are recognized as the "whole package": exceptional academic preparation, work ethic, leadership adn involvement. Most universities will give credit for higher level IB subjects and IB students experience greater success and higher graduation rates from post-secondary. Scores on IB assessments are also a significant predictor of performance in university. For a list of all universities worldwide and their IB policy click here.​

ExcelleRAIDER: IB Preparation

At Chippewa, we offer a preparatory program called ExcelleRAIDER in grade 9 and 10 in order to fully equip students for grades 11 and 12. Students complete an enriched curriculum in English, French, Science and 3 Math courses in the first two years of high school. This accelerated program of study covers more material, more quickly, than academic courses. The purpose is to emphasize the  pace and depth of study and focus on writing and thinking skills necessary for success in the IB Diploma Program. IB style assignments and evaluation methods are introduced.

Who is suited for ExcelleRAIDER and IB?

Academically motivated students are encouraged to apply for the ExcelleRAIDER program in Grade 8. Students who are likely to be successful will:

  • develop excellent time management and study skills
  • be self-motivated, able to set priorites and meet deadlines
  • have the capacity to think critically, work collaboratively and independently
  • learn second language skills to further develop fluency and an international mindset
  • develop the capacity to initate and lead service work
  • have a wide variety of academic interests

Admission Criteria

Parents interested in enrolling their child must complete the ExcelleRAIDER application including a Student Profile, Parent Profile and Teacher Recommendation. A copy of the final, Grade 7 report card must also be included. A minimum overall average of 75% is required, with no individual subject lower than 60%. These standards apply to each successive year in the program, although students do not need to reapply each year. Depending on the number of applications received, the admission process may be more competitive.

It is strongly recommended that students complete the ExcelleRAIDER program before attempting the International Baccalaureate courses in Grade 11 and 12; however, highly qualified students are welcome to apply. 


Currently, students in the Grade 9 and 10 ExcelleRAIDER enrichment program and in the Grade 11 and 12 IB Diploma program are eligible for transportation for the 2016-2017 school year. Transportation arrangements for subsequent years will be reviewed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much homework can I expect? I have extracurricular commitments.

Students in the Grade 9 ExcelleRAIDER program are expected to complete 4-7 hours of homework per week, on average. Students in Grade 10 can expect 7-10 hours of homework; a student in the full IB program will have slightly more in Grade 11 and 12. Extracurricular activities are encouraged and welcomed because they are fun and help to develop well-rounded individuals who learn to manage their time effectively. Effective time management is a key skill in managing the demands of university life.

What courses are offered?

We will offer a variety of courses including Language & Literature, French Language B, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Math Studies, Visual Arts and Dance. Students will also naturally complete the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). New for September 2017: IB Business!

Do I need to study French?

All IB full diploma students must learn a second language. This is a natural fit for our Immersion and Extended students. English track students will also have the opportunity to learn French and earn an IB diploma. Students taking the Core French program will take an Enriched French in grade 9 for better preparation. Students who are taking only selected courses may opt out of French.

Can I choose selected courses?

Students may earn either a full or partial IB Diploma. A certificate will be issued for each IB course completed. The full diploma includes 3 additional major components: the Extended Essay (4000 words); a “Theory of Knowledge” course that integrates subject learning and encourages critical thinking; and a “Creativity, Actiivity and Service” component that cultivates experiential learning and self-discovery

What are the fees?

There will be fees associated with being an IB student of $1000 for each of the two years for students who are completing the full diploma. The fees go to administration of the program and to pay international examiners who mark the final exams for our students. Schools also pay an annual fee to IB in order to belong to the organization, access curriculum and training. Students who are completing individual courses in IB will pay registration fees and course fees according to the scale. There are no fees for ExcelleRAIDER. 

Will I get credit at university for the courses I have taken?

All universities recognize the value of the IB Diploma and have different admission standards and advanced standing for IB graduates. Some universities offer greater advantages than others up to and including direct admission to second year. The primary value of an IB Diploma is in the exceptional preparation for studying and succeeding at university. For up-to-date information on university recognition, visit:​ 

Fast Facts on IB

  • Ontario students have the highest success rate in all of Canada, with 92% of all students achieving the IB Diploma
  • Worldwide, more than 1 millions students take IB courses in more than 143 countries. In Canada, we have over 130 schools now offering IB, with most in Ontario
  • Research at UBC shows that a student with a passing mark in the IB Diploma program performs as well as an Ontario student with 80%​