Multi-Year Strategic Plan


The Multi-Year Planning Committee settled presented a draft plan to the Board of Trustees at the June 2016 monthly meeting.  It included an updated multi-year plan that sets the policy direction by identifying key priorities and commitments, provides a strong sense of focus and brings consistency to our work leading into the year 2019-2020.  It includes the following phases.


Phase 1 (January 2015 – December 2015)  PHASE COMPLETE

This phase included setting timelines for the multi-year plan review, drafting the terms of reference for the committee, reviewing relevant data including updated Ministry of Education policy memoranda, feedback from recent accommodation review processes, data collected from the initial multi-year plan process, information collected by the consultants in the recent director of education search and a sampling of other board multi-year plans.  This information will be helpful when reviewing the Near North District School Board vision, mission, core values and priority statements.  This phase sets the direction for the Board over the next few years.


Phase 2 (January 2016 – June 2016) PHASE ALMOST COMPLETE

Using the vision, mission, core values and priority statements, the Director of Education and staff will highlight their commitments to reflect the four priorities.  It will be the responsibility of the Director of Education and Senior Team to ensure the commitments are manageable, fit within the priority mandate and are evidence-based regarding progress.


At this stage of the review, a communication plan will be developed to seek feedback from a variety of audiences that includes but is not limited to students, parents, staff, First Nations and community partners.  The feedback received will be reviewed by the committee and appropriate changes to the plan will be incorporated. 


Following extensive consultation, a survey report​ was provided for stakeholders in June. 


Phase 3 (Fall 2016)

This stage is basically the “working phase,” where staff responsible for developing and implementing the commitments outline their action steps.  Under each commitment, there might be a number of foci that would support that commitment while addressing the Board’s mission statement.  The Director of Education and Senior Administration manage this phase as a number of foci are included in the Board and School Improvement Plans.


Phase 4 (Fall 2016)

Aligning our commitments and key foci to the budget process will be important in providing assistance to educate learners to their fullest potential in preparation for life-long learning.  Timelines will be developed for reporting progress that will include communicating with our different audiences on the status of our multi-year plan. ​